Show 15 — Polygamy

The principal of plural marriage. Yeah, it’s illegal, but what if you could have three spouses? Who would they be and why? Elders John, Buck and Tod investigate the sexy and spiritual aspects of polygamy.

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Listener question: If you could marry three people, who would they be and why? Post your comments!

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  • Now Tod,

    You must tell us, who is singing that cover of “God Only Knows” at the end of this show? I like it and wish to aquire it for my collection.

    Also, my three:

    Maggie Gyllenhaal
    Katie Holmes
    Aubrey Plaza

    Cast your aspersions.

  • todperry

    Now Jay,

    The “God Only Knows” cover I found accidently while looking for the Beach Boys version on YouTube. It’s by a teenage gal named Julia Nunes who plays ukulele. She’s kinda charming to watch and her voice is cool, too. She has a bunch of videos up…

    Maggie G. – Lemme guess, the intellectual, fun-at-a-cocktail-party wife? Or, you just want the female version of Jake?

    Katie Holmes – Jackie O. type, looks good in a herringbone jacket? Makes good lookin’ babies.

    Aubrey P – Solid nerd bait.

    Nice choices, sir. Your family would definitely make it over for our “plig” dinner.

  • Alexander

    The three for me would be:

    Kim Deal from the Pixies and The Breeders

    Zooey Deschanel who is essentially Katy Perry but better in every single way

    Natalie Portman only because Tod didn’t already choose her

  • harlingtoxad

    Naomi Watts?
    Really, Tod?
    I have to believe you picked her for the accent and/or long nipples.

    Fiona Apple is very hot and the right kind of crazy.
    I love Kim Deal but she is plain looking and only an alcoholic.

    1. Miriam McDonald of Degrassi and Poison Ivy IV.
    2. Alison Brie of Community and Mad Men.
    3. My ano/cutter girlfriend from high school.
    I feel like having her be my third wife would dull the crazy into something more stable.

  • Tod

    Now Alexander,

    Kim Deal would be in my top three if I were putting together a girl band/Mormon family. She’d play bass. Justine from Elastica would be on vox/guitar and Kathleen Hanna from Le Tigre/ Bikini Kill on drums.

    Now Harlingtoxad,

    Seems like you went for cute 2/3 of the board, plus a bit o’crazy. Not bad. Hopefully your cutter girlfriend from HS is still cutting, many abandon the behavior in their 20’s. You should look into that before putting a ring on it.

  • Alexander

    The Hollywood Christmas Parade is tonight. If memory serves, John’s brain will be rendered into such a state that he will be unable to podcast for an entire week. Ha ha ha ha.