Show # 14 — Lampidi Stelami Sings the Hits

When Italian vocalist Lampidi Stelami sings a song it is eternally his. But, can the Far Out! gang figure out what the hell he’s singing? Find out when John and Buck square off in an epic battle of name that tune starring international superstar, Lampidi Stelami.

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  • This so needs to be a game show.

  • FreddyT

    Um… It already is.

  • William

    Interestingly enough, I can’t find Lampidi on YouTube.

    You guys sure you’re spelling his name right? Guess he’s not well-known enough. We need a link to his channel.

  • Tod

    Here’s the man’s dedicated YouTube channel. Now you can play at home!

  • Alexander

    Another great episode guys! Really looking forward to the Thanksgiving show (if there is one, understand if there isn’t). If it is half as good as the Low Budget Thanksgivingtacular it’ll be phenomenal.

  • Jessica

    So far behind! Loved this episode! My grandmother with demensia was trying to guess the songs in the car. Thanks, guys!

  • Tod

    I hope your grandmother wasn’t driving.