Far Out! is an hour of lighthearted anarchy and presents a unique comedic take on taboo, irreverent and original topics from a garage just outside of Long Beach, California. The show’s a well-produced blend of news stories, original songs, unique bits, games and observational humor.

Far Out! is hosted by Tod Perry who got his start in radio at 97.1 KLSX “The FM Talk Station” in Los Angeles and, in the podcast world, he’s been the co-host “Low Budget FM” and “The Brian Whitman Podcast.” Your co-host is the irrepressible Buck Perez. After spending a decade as president of his community college’s radio club Buck now sells grilled-cheese sandwiches on a food truck. If you dig the show, leave us a review!

Far Out! is available every Monday for FREE on iTunes, ZUNE and Stitcher.

  • Alexander

    I can’t thank you guys enough for doing this. John, Tod it’s going to be great to hear you guys again and I’m really excited to hear what Buck brings to the mix.

  • I love this recap, it covers all the details of everything.

  • Jesus Navarro

    Buck is a genius. That em effer makes me laugh! Thanks, Brian!

  • Bradleybrooks

    Great podcast , funny, random, makes the day go quicker