Show 16 — The Far Out! Forum, News and Leprosy

In the Far Out! Forum a listener shares a scintillating story about a brash Aussie on holiday in Spain. In the news: the gang debates whether fat is contagious and the legalities involving illegal visitors. Later, should you add friends with leprosy to your Facebook page? Tod hopes so…

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  • Monkeypants

    Is it me, or does Buck sound exactly like Joel Moore?

    (Joel comes in at about 1:30)

  • Dustin from BC

    I’m confused, how is it that when the Japanese fishermen hooked the dolphin with humanoid arms they knew his name?

    Perhaps he was wearing a “Hello, my name is…” sticky nametag.

  • Dustin from BC

    By the way Tod, have you read the description of La Revancha in the Yelp reviews your link forwards to? I could only hear the Todbot speaking when reading the first few criteria…

    Accepts credit cards? No.
    Good for kids? No.
    Good for groups? No.
    Waiter service? NO!

  • Tod

    Now Monkeypants,
    I agree, their voices both stem from the same place. I’d like Buck to have an Avatar…and to be 10 feet tall and blue.

    Now Dustin,
    I believe the animal rights activists named the dolphin “Luka.” But don’t get it twisted; that’s his westernized, humanized name. His name in Dolphin is most likely something akin to “EEEEEE—WOK WERRRR — EEEE” if he’s from the Pacific Ocean….Todbot Yelps would be fantastic.