Show #27 — Tales from Suburbia & Buck’s Moral Dilemma

Intro: To open the show, Tod sings a new song detailing his recent battles with substance abuse. Part 1: Buck faces a moral dilemma while driving in traffic; the crew discusses his reaction. Part 2: Tod has a wildy unpleasant experience while doing some yard work in “Tales from Suburbia.” Part 3: In our inaugural “Far Out! Health” segment, the crew discusses Dr. Oz’ Flatulent Five.

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  • Tod’s “Brown Out” story was a classic, Oscar is doing great and I’d be happy to see him added as a permanent addition even if/when John returns.

    The ODB Grammy award slight on Shawn Colvin quickly run into the Doogie Howser theme was some particularly inspired editing, nice work on that, it really floored me for a moment.

  • Tod

    Thanks Gio.

    When can I come back on your show? I want to do three hours this time. Try and set some kind of record.

  • Alexander

    Yet another great installment of Far Out! I’m missing John but I agree with Giovanni, Oscar doing a great job.

  • elliott

    This episode has less taste then a rice cake.

  • Sudip Banerjee

    This is what I want to hear! Back to the basics! Butt Hash!! Ahhhhhhh Yeah~~You even made a song about it….brings a tear to my eye….probably the butthash stench doing that! hahaha..

  • Tod I need guests, my show is 100% douched out from 2010, anytime you want pal!

    I’m free all day everyday and night until this Sunday and I’m free all next mon/tues as well, grab a bottle of 711’s finest vintage and hit me up on skype.

  • AwesomeAdam

    :Adam’s Taco Truck Story and Why I Won’t Eat At Arby’s:

    I miss taco trucks back in my hometown. Albertville, Alabama has a huge illegal immigrant population which means I got to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine pretty much whenever I wanted. Me and my buddy Josh were addicted to this one amazing taco truck down by a nasty-ass hotel and an Arby’s. The food was heavenly but the problem was, hundreds of these random taco trucks kept appearing and still local business. So of course the mayor had to get involved and banned taco trucks from the city claiming that there was no way to regulate the health standards of the food trucks since they didn’t have a fixed location. We were ticked but at the same time we understood where they were coming from…until…we discovered that real reason had nothing to do with health, but with the mayor’s wallet. Apparently the mayor had owned the local Arby’s and when the taco trucks came, Arby’s (being one of the least popular food chains in our area) had their sells dropping because of our glory of our amazing taco truck…all of the sudden, taco truck were not fit for out town. Josh and I refuse to eat at that Arby’s now because of this injustice. So, don’t expect to eat at a taco truck the next time you’re in Albertville, AL. And don’t expect to see me in Arby’s.