Show #8 — Giovanni’s Lost Tapes

Super fan Giovanni presents two shows he’s unearthed from a box of tapes sent from Arizona. Part one is the salacious true story of a bizarre medical condition actress Pam Grier acquired during her brief relationship with Richard Pryor in the ’70s. In part two, Tod discovers the mystery of a secret box brought to his garage by his buddy, Elliott.

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  • Bryan from Buffalo


  • Alexander

    It is great to hear the Hitler stab again and the collaboration with the G.I.O. Podcast was great.

  • FreddyT

    Oh good lord… YOU PEOPLE are idiots. It’s not, nor has it ever been Hitler. It’s a German communist pledge to honor the Soviet Union and Welheim Pieck. Sooo, it has a lot to do with Tod’s favorite type of Socialism.

  • Tod

    I dunno Freddy, I know Hitler when I hear him.

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  • I loved both segments but that announcer guy who intro’d both clips sounds like a fag.

  • Jessica

    I honestly love you guys. Seriously. I’ve followed Tod and John over here from LBFM.. I just feel like this episode was just really.. not up to par. I’m sorry, I wanted to love it, but I can’t. Sorry guys.