Show # 19 — Tod’s High School Diary

The crew grimaces as they open Tod’s recently-unearthed diary from his high school years. Will it present deep insights into the complex mind of a ’90s high school kid or reveal the narcissistic ramblings of a future podcaster? The answers lie in one really girly looking book…

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  • Great shows this week gentlemen. My Girl is not to be mocked. That movie was some real shit for a kid to watch.

    On a completely different note, how come we can’t download the show without going to iTunes anymore? My computer won’t install iTunes because it’s a real POS. Thanks in advance for fixing that.

  • Tod

    Now Jay,

    I know exactly what you’re talking about, I’ve been trying to get the RSS problems fixed but it’s been kind of a pain. Should have everything back to normal shortly.

    May just start putting download links in the posts…

  • Polly

    an entire week of episodes should be set aside for the reading of every word in Tod’s diary. Every……word. Too funny!!!!!

  • Dustin from BC

    The diary stuff was epic Tod, outstanding. I wonder what it was about that time in life, was it being 16 or was it the media climate of the mid 90s that prompted you to journal your thoughts? I ask because I did the exact same thing at the same time, only my family was too ghetto to actually buy me a diary. Instead I used a “duo-tang” binder / folder thing with loose leaf paper. (so sad, I know)

    Your show got me to thinking about it and I went and found it in with all my papers and junk from high school in the attic. Was a bizarre and funny read, I mostly did intermittent entries at what I thought were poignant (or high) moments I guess.

    The one that got the most laughs, however, from my ladyfriend is one I sadly have no memory of today… the first time I achieved the “masturbatory hat-trick”…

  • I have to agree with Polly, this is “radio” gold, if you don’t do two more diary eps before Feb, i will be very bummed.

    This is my all time favorite far out episode, Oliver(?) Was awesome and Buck has been doing great, this ep was no exception.

    I also saw My Girl in theaters a few times solo myself, i was 8 and that movie messed my head up, same for the sequel but for different reasons, damn kid from Last Action Hero fucking ruined the series.

  • taiowa w

    Best episode to date. I am waiting on Tod’s daily as an audiobook