121 — Films We’d Like Hollywood to Make

The summer movie season has begun and with tons of big-budget, tent-pole films invading multiplexes across the country, the Far Out! crew discusses the films they’d like Hollywood to make.

ED NOTE: In today’s show we incorrectly refer to rapper Fresh Kid Ice as Mr. Mixx. The Far Out! podcast would like to apologize for this inaccuracy.

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  • William

    Funny how you guys argued whether Don Cheadle or Terrence Howard should play a hypothetical role seeing as how Cheadle replaced Howard in the Iron Man movies.

    I agree with you, Tod, for the most part that the superhero genre has been beaten to death by Hollywood, but I still think you’re wrong about The Dark Knight. You’ve alluded to this on previous podcasts, so I have to address it now. You are wrong that Heath Ledger’s performance is “overrated”. I recently rewatched it to see if it held up long after the hype died down, and his acting still gives me the chills. I wasn’t even a fan of his before, or really knew anything about him at all (I never saw Brokeback Mountain). I’m telling you, he really was that good. Maybe it’s because you’re old enough to have seen the original Batman in theaters and still think of Jack as the Joker.

    I would never have guessed that another celebrity crush we have in common is Kristen Stewart. I try to explain it to people and I get told I’m crazy, but she is fine. She must smoke copious amounts of weed, because she always looks stoned whether she’s “acting” or not. Curiously, a lot of people have said that she does well in The Runaways (the Joan Jett biopic), which I never saw but will have to in order to see if she really can act.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t seen Dark Knight since it was in theaters. I’ll have to check it out again and re-evulaute post hype.

    I think Kristen Stewart has always had that look of lethergy in the eyes. She had that look about her in The Panic Room and that was when she was just a kid.