99 – Good Day

Part 1: Some dude on the Internet did some research and discovered the actual date of famed rapper Ice Cube’s good day described in his 1993 hip-hop anthem, “It Was a Good Day.” As luck would have it, Tod has an entry for the same date in his high school diary. Was it a good day for him or a bad one? Part 2: Looking to get a good buzz on the cheap? The Far Out! crew uncovers a top-secret recipe for making prison wine with the aid of some local experts.

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  • Craig in PA

    Episode 9: Bum wine tasting room.
    Episode 71: FourLoko tasting room.

    Episode 99: Pruno….recipe? ┬áSomething is wrong here.

  • Some would say something very right is happening.

  • Colin Polly

    I don’t want to take credit for the journal idea but maybe I was drunk and suggested it. Tod’s rap made me pull over because I was laughing so hard.