93 — Listener Mail

Part 1: Marc Chambers talks about how cast changes affected Low Budget FM and why it finally came to an end. Part 2: The gang opens of a full box of listener mail and talks about their favorite podcasts, white people’s eating habits, an update on a previous story and much much more!

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  • William

    I’m just in shock that the “undisclosed location” that Low Budget FM occasionally used (after Tod left) was no less than the offices of Sirius/XM, where Cioffi of course was (still is?) employed. That’s ballsy to use your place of employment, a world-class broadcasting and recording facility (or so I assume), to record your little rinky-dink podcast that you do for a hobby. (And I mean that in the best way possible!)

    And I laughed at Marc’s comment, “Where do you find the time to listen to all that?!” I just counted, and found that I have 20 active podcast feeds. So yeah, technically I listen to 20 different shows BUT, many of them are updated very infrequently, no more than twice a month. Still, I admit it helps to have no life.

    Since Tod mentioned listening to Conway & Steckler on KFI, I’ll recommend another KFI host, Wayne Resnick on Sunday nights. Of course Tod is probably familiar with all the great hosts in Los Angeles, but just in case he’s not, I recommend Wayne in particular for his esoteric knowledge of music and comedy that occasionally sneaks through in his weekly review of pop culture and politics. I have a feeling someone like Tod would appreciate that kind of show.

  • Anonymous

    I actually have heard a little of Wayne Resnick, just not quite enough to have developed an opinion. Will check him out though!

  • William

    I realize now I shouldn’t have called Low Budget a “rinky dink podcast”, that some would take that the wrong way. I meant to say that it was small in terms of scale of operation compared to the studios of Sirius/XM, NOT that it was low quality. It may have literally been low budget, but it was one of the best-sounding podcasts out there. Far Out also has high production quality (I like the transitions between segments).

  • Monkeypants

    I’m still in shock that Marc’s life ambitions were effected in even the smallest way by the borderline autistic stoner Donny.  What a tragedy.   The seemingly ever-loyal and confrontation avoiding Carolla had to finally fire the dipshit… which should tell you how much stock to put in his opinions/actions.  (shakes fist at sky)