83 — Tod’s Surgery and T-Pain’s Strip Club Tips

Part 1: Recently, Tod had surgery for a foot problem and lived to tell the story. Part 2: In order to help the Far Out! audience with their next visit to a gentlemen’s club, the gang investigates hop-hop artist T-Pain’s list of strip club tips. Plus, how did one cast member earn the nickname, “Leche,” the joys of propofol and more!

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  • “They’re a bunch of shit kickers, they’re from the shitty part of England, they’re from Manchester which is kind of like if you had a rock band from like Compton..”

    I love Noel, he’s a complete legend – although he is a massive C-Word as well.

    Manchester > Compton

    Loving the show fellas
    Rob, England

  • Rob,

    I once read an article where Liam Gallagher was referred to as a “shite clobber” — the Mancunian version of a “sh*t kicker.”

  • Shite clobber means poor clothes, clobber is clothing over here.

    We need to get a Manchester to Longbeach Rosetta Stone conversion kit for this podcast. (Is Rosetta Stone in the US ?)

    Rob (with one b)

  • James T

    Thanks for breaking out Jazzy Tod at the strip club. I love Jazzy Tod. It’s been too long.

    “Alllllright everyone, get ready to have your minds blown like Gillespie blows his horn ’cause heeeeeeerrrrre’s Smiles Davis. Skibbidy-bop-be-bidoo!”