46 — Eco-Friendly Sex Tips

Part 1: In an attempt to save a dying planet, Far Out! shares some eco-friendly sex tips to save both the Earth and your love life. Part 2: A recent blog post by a prominent broadcaster claims that podcasters are simply “playing radio.” The gang discusses whether podcasting just an inferior attempt at radio or an artform unto itself. Plus, who’s been blowing up Tod’s bathroom? Adam plugs the living crap out of everything he’s doing and more.

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  • Juicy and delicious show.

    About the comment Whitman made about podcasting… If you guys are “playing radio” am I “playing listener”? Are the millions of people downloading the dozens of successful shows playing listener. I agree that Whitman is a talented guy, but that was a dumb thing to say. Marc Maron recently said he had two million downloads in half of March.

    Also, Tod, The Tao of Pooh is taking over my life. In a good way.

  • William

    That’s one of the milder things Whitman has said/done in the past few years that’s pissed people off. So he has that going for him.

    Hell, even Leykis is planning on doing his own podcast next year.

  • harlingtoxad

    I figured Whitman meant “playing radio” vs. being paid.
    If somebody offered a paycheck he would do a podcast.

    I would be shocked if the improved decomposition of lambskin condoms made them more eco-friendly than latex after all the food and water required to grow a sheep intestine in the first place.

  • todperry

    Still, no word on where wax comes from?

  • harlingtoxad

    It’s made from petroleum.

  • Monkeypants

    Sheep… both singular and plural
    – Ram= boy sheep
    – Ewe = girl sheep
    – Lamb = baby sheep

    Which makes me think that using lamb’s skin prophylactics is pretty much makes you a pedophiliac necrophiliac zoophile.

  • Buck

    I would expect a little more tolerance,from a “man” named monkeypants.

  • Monkeypants

    Hey, I’m not judging… just defining.

  • todperry

    Let’s let the rest of the world judge. Faroutpodcast.com is a place where people can be truly free of the constrictions of the Internet and world at large.

    Judgement will not be tolerated. But wild speculation, baseless insults and conspiratorial paranoia shall reign free.

    Thank you.