242 — Guilty Pleasures

franklin and bashTod, Buck, and Jef reveal the things they dig but are ashamed to admit publicly. Also, Buck’s negligence while house sitting for Tod has brought more heat upon their relationship.

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  • William

    Tod, concerning Buckgate, it seems to me Buck had a feeling the truth would come out eventually, that’s why he told you about the dogs almost immediately. If he hadn’t, you would have found out eventually and your friendship would be damaged. So I feel that you telling him (in the previous episode) that he just shouldn’t have told you about it to begin with is kind of unfair. On the other hand, him asking you to keep it from your wife was unfair of him. Everybody in the situation should have told the truth immediately, it would have caused less pain. Just my assessment of the situation.

  • Brian Buck Perez


  • William

    OK, this just made my day!