234 – 1990s Cyber “Chat” Tips and More!

al and pegA few weeks back, Tod and his wife made a startling discovery beneath their hotel mattress. Later, we listen to some advice from the ’90s on how to have cyber sex and break down pop sensation Chubby Checker’s multi-million dollar lawsuit against a major tech company.

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  • William

    Whoa, Tod, where’s your SEO instincts?! You trying to get this website marked as porn by workplace filters? There’s certain combinations of words you can’t put in titles! Not that I care personally since I work from home, just a word of advice. Although I don’t know how you could sanitize it and still keep it enticing. Every euphemism I can think of probably raises a red flag for those overzealous filters. If only I were in advertising I could think of something clever to replace “cy*** s**”.