221 – #YouSingleBecause

The show opens with some talk about the end of Low Budget FM and the never-heard Buck Perez Show. Later, in order to help Buck and Marc with their dating lives, Tod reads off some recent responses to the Twitter hashtag #YouSingleBecause. Finally, Marc explains what the F is Tinder?

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  • William

    Go to http://feeds.feedburner.com/LowBudgetRadio for most of the post-2011 Low Budget era. Unfortunately, the Tod Perry era and post-Tod Perry up to 2011 was hosted at podcast.lowbudgetfm.com, which was down for awhile, then was back, and is now down again. If it ever comes back, the URL for the oldest episodes (including some of the San Diego shows) is http://podcast.lowbudgetfm.com/episodes/. All of the episode names and descriptions (excepting the 2013 series) are at http://lowbudgetfm.squarespace.com/all-shows/.

    Coincidentally, the night before I listened to this I had a disturbing dream about another podcast I used to listen to (it was a show that unexpectedly ended when the two hosts “broke up” because they hated each other). So, yeah, I’m a little obsessed with podcasts, and I get depressed when they end, especially when they end without explanation. Marc tried to end Low Budget with an official last episode, and then a few months later the show was unexpectedly back. Then after a few months they stopped posting new episodes, and then like almost a year later they were back again, then they stopped again after a few months. I expected that this would continue off and on indefinitely. When the domain went away it crushed me. I’m worried I’m going to end up like that character in a Kids in the Hall sketch, unable to sleep because “I can’t stop thinking about [Marc], wondering where he could be, who he is with, what is he thinking, and whether he’ll ever return someday.” Not just Marc of course, I need more of Cioffi’s Locks of the Week or his tales of his mafia friends pushing Martin Sheen off a building, and more Salwin production elements and News Monster readings. *sigh*

    On a final note, I’ve noticed that when Marc appears on this show he gets way more political than he ever did on his own show. On Low Budget he was always against talking about politics. I’m not criticizing, it’s just interesting to note how he doesn’t handle this show’s audience with kid gloves.