152 — Thanksgiving and Listener Mail

Marc Chambers from Low Budget FM joins Tod and Buck to literally talk turkey. Plus, Tod wants to help you get pumped up in the gym, we read some listener mail and Marc reveals the future of Low Budget FM.

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  • Dalton

    Damn, it really hurts to hear that Low Budget is over. I thought the return episodes were very solid, far, far superior to the Dark Age episodes with Britt and Seena (sp?). Mark might think his performance on the shows was subpar, but I think his “bad moods” gave him a punchy, angsty edge to his comedy.

    Low Budget FM Eras Ranked:

    Golden Age Low Budget FM (“The Death of Low Budget FM” ~ “John Salwin’s Last Show Ever?”) > Renaissance Era LBFM (“Grover Heads, Sad Tweeting, Vermont Teddy Bears, and the Pick Six” ~ “This Is the Last Show”) = First Podcast Era (Very First Episode ~ “Gambling, Las Vegas, C-Blocking and the Todbot) > Resurrection Era (“This Is the Next Show” ~ ” There Will Be Bad Jokes, Beer Catastrophe, News Monster”) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dark Ages (Era where Mark, Mike, and Britt and Mark, Mike, and Seena were the lineup)

  • I am so glad that Marc and Tod are doing some episodes together.  Their chemistry is amazing and Buck was able to add a lot to it and not detract from their chemistry like some occasional guests back on Low Budget.  Since Marc has no podcasts anymore, I hope that he can come on this show more often.

    Completely agree that Far Out has been getting better as it has gone along, especially the last 30 or so episodes.  Please continue this trend!

  • I would rate them:

    Golden Age = Renaissance (fewer episodes a week but almost no misses – washes out in the end) > Resurrection = Early Podcast > First Podcast (I am splitting up everything before and after “The Low Budget 100th Showtacular” as they got much better afterwards as they found their way) >>> Dark Ages

  • William

    Are you not a fan of the new Futurama, Tod? Or you just mentioned it as an example of a show that came back after being declared dead? I didn’t see anything wrong with the resurrected Low Budget FM. I think there’s more that Marc isn’t telling us.

  • Anonymous

    Will –

    Just using it as an example of something that died and came
    back. Rarely watch Futurama but always enjoy it when I do.