147 — Butt Chugging and Indiana Jones

Part 1: A recent trend in non-traditional drinking practices nearly killed a a frat guy in Tennessee. So what is “butt chugging” and how does one do it? The gang discusses. Part 2: A recent archaeological find involving Nazis, the Buddha and a meteorite is just asking to be made into an Indiana Jones film so the crew discusses a hypothetical screenplay.

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  • You wouldn’t pass a breathalyzer if you butt chug.  Alcohol leaves your body through the respiratory process (exhaling) and that is what is being measured through the breathalyzer.  It doesn’t matter how you get the alcohol into your body, it leaves through your lungs.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the science tip, Klay! Are you a police officer? 

  • Actually, I was a police officer, but am no longer.  Good call on that one.