103 — The Bucket List

Sensing their own mortality, the gang reveals the experiences they’d like to have before they die. What’s one place Tod would love to visit? Where does Buck wish to settle down one day? What food does Elliott hope to someday eat? All this and an investigation into some strange happenings in the Far Out! garage in this the 103rd episode of the podcast.

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  • William

    Jesus, Tod, how drunk were you? Reese Witherspoon playing Ray Charles’s wife in the Johnny Cash movie?!? And in the previous episode you TWICE committed the same Spoonerism, saying that Luke Skywalker was Darth Vader’s father.

    I’m with you about Scary Spice (Mel B., not Mel C., by the way).

  • William

    Sputnik was a satellite, you dopes. There wasn’t any damn monkey in it!

    OK, I listened closely for the “ghost” and couldn’t hear anything unusual. Of course, the third time you played it you also played that new “Hite!” drop on top of it (which you played throughout this episode), so thanks for confusing people like that. I give, you’re gonna have to tell me at what point in the clip it’s supposed to be audible.

  • William,

    My Sputnik and Reese Witherspoon references were made in jest. Although, if a monkey was in Sputnik, it would have been pretty rad. Could be an internal projection of some ideal reality. The Skywalker being Vader’s father was pure, good-ole-fashioned misspeak. Got to forgive a brother for that.

    Thanks for the photo of Mel B/C. If she still looks that way after having Eddie’s baby, good times! 

    Thanks again!