Show # 24 — Tod’s Diary pt. 2 & Junk Shotz

Part 1: The gang discusses how the glamour-shots mall craze of the early ’90s should be updated to accommodate modern tends. Part 2: Once again, Tod’s high school diary is cracked open for an intimate glance inside the robust emotional life of an adolescent boy.

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  • Tod’s Diary, FUCK YEAH!

    Man I have not listened yet but I can predict this is going to be great and there will be not enough diary content but some is better than none.

  • Polly

    I spend a great majority of my time watching shows on Hitler. He’s always making an appearance on History Channel as well as The Military Channel. Hitler/Salwin never cease to entertain. You could do a Hitler Vs. Megashark ep like you guys used to do on LBFM with Giant Octopus Vs. Velociraptor.

    Tod’s diary is epic. You should print copies and sell them on your website. We need a full 2 hour diary special where Tod just reads it like an Audiobook.

  • Tod


    If I could get Morgan Freeman or the dude who does the Ken Bruns documentaries to read my diary it would be awesome…or Maya Angelou.

    Hitler-Shark vs. Velociraptor would be EPIC.

  • Nah Tod I like you reading it, keep this gold as is.

    Re: sugar vs. Corn syrup in coke, it has to do with corn subsidiaries and govt intervention with farms, replacing sugar with high fructose corn syrup, I think the argument is corn syrup is cheaper but I don’t know if that’s really true, but apparently there is always a surplus of corn and this is a good way to get rid of it.

    Also coke still does import coca leaves, some 3rd party company in NJ processes them, there is no cocaine but the leaf is somehow brewed into the syrup, its all public info and i first read about in this copy of “boycott monthly/quarterly” magazine as an asshole 15yr old(1998-99).

  • Alexander

    I didn’t peg you to be a LCD Soundsystem fan Tod. Thumbs up.