Our Top 20 Favorite Episodes

After the mysterious disappearance of our co-host, “Far Out!” is on hiatus. But you can hear Mr. Perry every week on the newly-rebooted “Low Budget Radio” along with Marc Chambers.

If you’re new to “Far Out!” or a long-time listener looking to delve into the show’s past, here are our top 20 favorite episodes (in no particular order) to get you started.

#4 “Adventures on Fire Island” — Tod recounts his experience on a nude beach. This was the first episode of the podcast that made us think we had something.

#154 “Low Budget Therapy” — Marc Chambers, Tod’s old co-host from joins the show to discuss a terrible call-in bit they did while hosting “Low Budget Radio” on 103.7 Free FM San Diego.

#19 “Tod’s High School Diary” — The gang gets a revealing look into the psyche of a teenage Tod Perry.

#223 “Tod’s Enemies List” — Buck discusses his recent stint on a reality TV show and Tod reveals the people on his Nixonian enemies list.

#126 Far Out! Behind the Mic — The show’s ode to Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” (Also known as: the show that took three billion years to produce.)

#15 “Polygamy” – Buck, John and Tod discuss the principal of plural marraige. This one just sounded good.

#263 – “The Carl’s Jr. Incident” — Tod had a terrible experience in a Carl’s Jr. bathroom.

#255 “Buck’s Revelation and Freaky Potato Chips” — Buck comes clean about a personal problem that has kept him away from the show. Later, the gang lightens the mood with some discussion about funky chip flavors.

#71 “The Four Loko Tasting Room” — Tod, Casey, and Buck take the Pepsi Challenge by doing a taste test of the big three in the energy-infused malt liquor market: Four Loko, Tilt and Joose.

#239 “The Far Out! Comeback Special” — Who let the dogs out? Buck, that’s who who who. Plus, messages of support from all of our friends including Gina Grad from “The Adam Carolla Show” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” star, Patrick Stewart.

#145 “The Paternity Whisperer” — After years of watching crappy daytime TV, Buck has developed a supernatual sixth sense that we put to the test.

#166 “To Catch Predator, Herpes You Out” — Tod runs into a sexual deviant in the dog park and Buck and Tod sing about herpes.

#231 “Bitchin’ Summer Tips and Buck’s Scratcher Sweepstakes” – This one is just odd. Plus, some “Buck Perez’ Cosmos.”

#82 “The Man From The Internet” — In order to help people better enjoy the information super highway, the gang welcomes The Man From The Internet who shares ten cool things currently happening online.

#139 “Grumpy Young Men” — The gang takes a look ways in which they’re beginning to act more like old men than teenagers.

#115 “Hypothetical Parenting“— The very funny Lars Kenseth from “Megaboom Radio” joins the show for a little hypothetical parenting.

#110 “Caskets Costco and More” — Tod breaks down a list of bizarre items he should have bought at the wholesale warehouse.

#94 “Far Out! Frat Party” — A show dedicated to the drinking and hazing practices of American collegiate youth.

#46 “Eco-Friendly Sex Tips” — In an attempt to save a dying planet, Far Out! shares some eco-friendly sex tips to save both the Earth and your love life.

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  • Ny

    Accurate. The 4 locos is my fave on the list

  • TodPerry

    Who knew that a bunch of dudes spitting in a bucket would make good pod?