236 – Pretentious Concerts and Successful Sociopaths

mummyTod and Oscar start off the show discussing a recent experience they had sitting next to a pretentious family at the Hollywood Bowl. Later, Buck joins the show and, in light of his failed acting career, Tod discusses what he thinks makes people successful in the arts.

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  • William

    “The lie is that there’s naturals and born geniuses.” Totally agree with this. However, I think you’re wrong to characterize successful people as “sociopaths”. That would imply they have nothing but indifference or ill will to other people and that’s not necessarily true. They may have to cut back on casual socializing but that’s not the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    I was being a little sensational with the “sociopath” term and was applying it more so to the entertainment industry. So, I agree with you there. We skipped around a lot on this show so I don’t think I got to make my whole point on this topic, maybe we’ll revisit it in the future.